The Importance of Honesty in Treatment

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A cornerstone in any 12-step program, honesty is paramount to recovery.  Many times, the alcoholic or addict is the last one in their lives to know that they have a problem.  Friends and family are rarely surprised and will report that they have been subject to lies and manipulation for quite some time.  The person will lie about whether or not they are using, who they are hanging around, and even steal from others in order to fund their habit.  These deceptive techniques play an enormous role in active addiction and serve as a similar mechanism to the drug or alcohol abuse itself (i.e. escape and withdrawal).  Anything that contradicts or goes against the addict using will be thwarted with behaviors like gaslighting (making the victim question their own perception of reality) or verbal abuse.  This way, the addict feels justified in continuing use and avoiding the consequences of their behaviors.

Additionally, lies and deceit are a slippery slope, meaning that lies beget more lies.  Once a fib is told, the perpetrator must continue to lie to keep their story going.  This destructive pattern exacerbates feelings of guilt and shame and become a further barrier to the treatment process.  Since women are socialized to consider others via caregiver roles, it can be even harder for them to admit they have a drug or alcohol problem.  Even if someone does successfully convince loved ones that THEY are in fact the crazy ones, often deep down the individual knows that they are avoiding the real issues.  For recovery to be achieved, it is essential that the individual come clean to both themselves AND others; they must also possess a willingness to identify and correct any behaviors that go against their treatment goals.

There is no doubt that honesty is essential to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.  Admit to yourself and others that you are not living up to your God-given purpose and prepare for miracles to happen!  Our devoted team is ready to assist you in maintaining long-term sobriety and a healthy, prosperous lifestyle.  What are you waiting for?