Recovery and the LGBT Community 

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It is estimated that 30% of the LBGT community suffers from some form of addiction—whether it be gambling, shopping, or illicit substances. Compared to 9% of the general population, this is an alarming statistic worth delving into. Often the emotional stresses of non-normative gender behavior will lead one to destructive coping mechanisms like drugs or alcohol, to numb the pain and obtain some semblance of control over their situation. On top of the personal struggles that come from grappling with sexual identity and orientation (depression, anxiety, guilt, etc…), many are also subjected to social rejection that plagues their lives and may stop them from seeking addiction treatment altogether. Fear of judgement and social alienation can cause individuals to rely on the same patterns of overconsumption that keep their lives stagnant and void of purpose.

A warm, accepting, and informed treatment staff at Continuum Recovery Center attempt to remedy this issue by providing evidence-based treatment for those in the LGBT community, as well as those who identify as female. We aim to provide an inclusive environment that will focus on many pertinent issues related to their recovery and offer continued support. Treatment would include an in-depth look at body image/self-esteem, societal expectations, grief & loss associated with changing body chemistry during transitions and how to approach sexual behavior in sobriety. Our counselors will develop an understanding of what drives the individuals’ addiction and tailor treatment accordingly.

We understand that life has already been very difficult, and we are here to lend guidance along the journey back to health. Again, our mission is to foster a nurturing, supportive environment that is accepting of everyone. Every woman deserves the chance to fulfill their purpose and conquer their internal battles—let us help you to regain control and be the best you!