Am I Going Crazy??

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This is a phrase that many of us ask ourselves routinely in a lighthearted fashion. However, for those in the throes of addiction, this can be a serious and dire concern. When abusing drugs or alcohol, women are subject to many cognitive distortions including but not limited to: denial, minimizing, hostility, exaggerating negative aspects of a situation while ignoring positive ones, assuming the worst, personalizing unnecessary things, jumping to incorrect conclusions, and repeated use of a substance despite repeated negative consequences and outside pressure to discontinue the behavior pattern (ex: loved ones, law enforcement, etc..). The repeated use of substances impairs decision making and confuses your body’s natural reward systems. The correlation between mental health and substance abuse cannot be stressed enough in the recovery process. Anxiety Disorders and Depression are positively associated with substance use disorders and are more common among women in general. Although the onset of psychiatric disorders is apt to precede substance use disorders, some experience distress only in conjunction with their substance use and will experience complete freedom from psychiatric symptoms upon continued abstinence. It is crucial that women enter treatment so that they can ascertain any co-occurring conditions, which will be vital to ensuring sustained recovery. Our treatment center will take any pre-existing psychiatric disorders into consideration when tailoring your treatment plan and refer you to other facilities when appropriate.