Continuum Recovery for Adults in Frederick, Maryland and the Surrounding Areas

Mission Statement

Our mission at Continuum Recovery Center of Maryland is to foster healthy living and conquer addiction through the focused implementation of both individual counseling services and group therapy, tailored to the client’s personalized needs. We aim to provide our clients with a warm, engaging environment that will allow them to shed the counterproductive, maladaptive coping mechanisms they have acquired throughout the years. Upon your first visit we want you to experience the compassion and support from our staff and clinicians that will enable you to complete the program and help build a foundation for your long-term recovery.

Our Treatment Center Goals

We desire to provide a judgement-free, understanding domain in which clients will achieve a sense of freedom and purpose they have never known before. With addiction rates at an all-time high, there is no one who is not impacted; therefore, we must all work together to combat the horrors of addiction. We will use our collective resources to build bridges between our clients and the community, ensuring that they have a seamless transition back into mainstream society. Additionally, we will equip clients with the relapse prevention tools and knowledge they need to maintain abstinence, serve others, and achieve success. Our clients will be able to build the support networks necessary to create an atmosphere of peace and prosperity in their lives-they will no longer be alone.